5 Sites every Unreal Engine 4 Beginner should know

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One of the most important skills to learn something new (on the internet) is the ability to research and find answers for your problems. The chance is very high, that you are not the first person in the world with this specific problem :)

5 Sites every UE4 Beginner should know

The following list of Unreal Engine 4 resources are my starting points while searching for solutions. They are the base of my new GameDev Journey and I hope they can help you as well.

1. UE4 Answer Hub

5 Links every UE4 Beginner must know - UE4 Answer Hub

UE4 Answer Hub


This is one of your best resources to research solutions. If you can’t find anything about your problem, feel free to post a well-formed question. Just have a look at the “How To Ask Questions” post first.

The community is generally very helpful, if you can manage to ask a specific question and describe your problem as best as you can :)

2. Unreal Engine YouTube Channel

5 Links every UE4 Beginner must know - UE YouTube Channel

Official Unreal Engine YouTube Channel


Subscribe to this channel which has a ton of information. Their tutorial playlists are a great resource to get started with your gamedev experience!

If you like to subscribe to more channels, have a look at the related channels on the right sidebar. Tesla Dev and MetalGameStudios are mentioned many times while I was researching UE4 stuff to learn from.

3. Tom Looman

5 Links every UE4 Beginner must know - Tom Looman

Tom Looman – Game & Tools Programmer


“Getting Started with Unreal Engine 4” is a great starting point for kick starting your UE4 knowledge. It’s a hub of useful links and resources for single developers and groups.

Have a look at his other posts for more in-depth Unreal Engine stuff! Also his Zeef UE4 Resource Collection is a gem and a must-have in your bookmarks!


4. UE4 Devs Facebook Group

5 Links every UE4 Beginner must know - UE4 Dev Community

UE4 Dev Community on Facebook


If you are using Facebook, I can recommend the Unreal Engine 4 Developers Community. It is a closed group, so hop over to Facebook and apply for access. Getting access shouldn’t be a big problem, as developers are nice people in general…

Good resources, posts and interesting questions around UE4.


5. Twitter Hashtags

Cala, GameDev on Twitter

Cala, GameDev on Twitter



Twitter ist a great tool for information and direct interaction with the community. A lot of indie devs are out there and share their experiences with you. Search for the #GameDev and #UE4 hashtags to discover some nice twitter accounts you can follow. You might even read my dev account there ;-)






While researching good and free UE4 ebooks, you can’t miss this site. Well, apparently I did. But better late then never? :p

Your Links?

Feel free to post resources in the comments you really love and want to share. Take your best shot, WordPress doesn’t like link spam :p


  1. Nice Resources, thanks :)

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    • Thank you for the link. The Zeef archive from Tom Looman is also linked within 3. and one of the gems I recommend for everyone to bookmark! :D

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  2. great, great, great!!!!. this is awesome man. thanks a lot.

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    • you’re welcome – share this post (or my site) with your friends, if you like to help me :)

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    • Thank you for your great resource – it was your post that helped me diving into UE4! :)

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