December Challenge – One Hour of Indie Gamedev every morning

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Hey, it’s challenge time! As a part time indie gamedev (more about me) I mostly struggle with the time I can spare for my side projects. I also loose the focus way too fast while learning new stuff, so this might help me to get something done.

What’s the deal?

  • From the 1st until the 24th of December I will spend one hour in the morning with game development.
  • Getting up earlier and start some indie gamedev right away without distraction and the usual wake-up routine.
  • I will use a timer to set myself a real deadline and force myself to get something done.
  • Pushing my little 2D platformer project a small step in the right direction, every day!
  • Nothing complex, no big learning or research. Breaking it down to small problems.
  • Just one little feature I think I am capable of getting done in the next hour.

2D Platformer indie gamedev

Want to follow or participate as well?

It doesn’t matter if you missed the start. All that counts is that you start now and keep on going!

  • I will post my daily update on twitter at @GamedevCala with the hashtag #OneHourGamedev (edit: changed hashtag, because ‘OneHour’ is widely used for other reasons)
  • A blog post each week will summarize the progress I made.
  • Feel free to subscribe to the mailing list and stay connected.
  • Please inform me, if you like to take the challenge as well. I would be happy to follow you.
  • I will gladly link to your social account / blog with your challenge updates!

Update from the first day

This feels really good, you get out of bed knowing you can do something you really like for the next hour. Replies on twitter and in facebook groups are also coming in. Some reactions:


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