OneHourGamedev in December was a success and why I will continue

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In December I made a little challenge and invited everyone who was interested to join my OneHourGamedev. For a minimum of one hour a day I wanted to work on my side project, my little 2D platformer with Unreal Engine 4.

OneHourGamedev was a success and why I will continue

  • Great start into the day, getting up thinking about your game!
  • I made more progress in 24 days with this side project than months before that combined.
  • Getting a coffee and start right away is way more productive than trying to motivate for regular work.
  • I really want to get up a little bit earlier – never happen before!
  • One hour forces me to think about just one problem to solve without distraction.
  • Jotting down all other problems and ideas that come up during this hour.
  • In January I will continue working on my side project within this #OneHourGamedev and additionally use this time to write more blog posts :)
OneHourGamedev challenge

People who participated

It’s great to see that I could inspire some more devs to take this challenge. Here are some of their posts :)

Master Kenth documented his progress with a series of blog posts.

Jona made weekly posts about his progress on his blog.

Stevepunk started some 8bit dungeon crawling?

Drapan posted some cool time-lapse videos on his blog. Couldn’t finish the callenge but got some  nice progress.

Phil Gosch started a little top down shooter:

Kenny Creanor participated with his 3D modelling side project

My progress in these 24 days

As always, I post my ideas, screenshots and progress posts on my twitter account @GamedevCala.

needed a break ^^;

See you soon and happy gamedev! :D


  1. Dude, this is great! I’d love to see the blueprints for the enemy AI for your 2D sidescroller :)

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  2. I think it is amazing to change careers after so long and you are doing amazing! I would love to hear the full story.

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    • Full Story: don’t give up your regular job to become a gamedev. Do it in your spare time for a very long time! :)

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  3. Nice article.
    I think it’s a real great experience. Especially if you are able to really do something in 1 hour. Not everyone can do this. Good job.

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