A New Hope

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A new blog, a new hope…


Here it is, my new blog project! *happy* I would like to connect with like-minded people and build some “pressure” to work on my game development skills. Instead of just showing polished projects, you can read about how I start, research, try out and fail at ideas and gaming concepts. These side projects and blog posts are my way to learn new skills and share some of the experiences.

  • I am a GameDev Beginner (Noob!) with 20 years experience in “business application” development
  • Helpful comments, pointing to good resources and tutorials are great ways to raise my motivation ;-)
  • Connecting with me is highly appreciated

A Mantra for Creative Thinkers 

I love the short Extra Credits videos. They are fantastic at explaining a lot of fundamental concepts and gave me the wish to try and discover some of their ideas. One of the most important mantras is “Fail Faster – there is no instant win

This mantra made me create the blog you are reading now. Sharing your own progress is one of the best methods to keep on learning and a good way to connect with other people.

If you are interested to know more about my journey, feel free to sign up to my newsletter and read more posts in my blog :)

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